Women's CCW Program

Women's Concealed Carry Program

Welcome to the Women's Concealed Carry Program

Courses available throughout New Mexico when scheduled

Course Price

The course deposit is $75 which is applied to the overall course fee. 

The remaining balance will be due the day of the range qualification.


Includes: Firearm, Holster, Eye & Ear Protection + $30 private course fee due to COVID restrictions

(Ammunition not included)


Ammunition Package

This includes (Firearm, PPE + Ammunition)


Fully Integrated Course

This introductory course is an awesome way to break the fear and stigma of handling a firearm. In this course we take our time to cover all the basic components and fundamentals of safe firearm handling. This is a great way to prepare for a full Concealed Carry Course.

Firearm Breakdown & Ammunition

We review firearm components, functionality, breakdown for cleaning, types of ammunition and safe storage

Firearm Fundamentals

We review proper grip, stances, aiming, malfunction types and clearing, and reloading

Range Safety

We review range safety rules, range commands and we work our way into shooting 25 rounds to build safety, confidence and knowledge.

The Concealed 101 training and instruction is included in this course. The first portion of the range training is training on all the fundamentals. The focus of the range is to build fundamental knowledge of safe and proper handling and building confidence. 

**Inclusivity Disclaimer**

Although the program name is "Women's CCW Program", this course is open and available to all who wish to take this focused introductory course and what it has to offer. The Amador Group LLC does not discriminate from any individual who wishes to take any of our courses provided to include the Women's Program. We created a safe environment for any and all to build their confidence, knowledge and skills with a firearm for the context of self defense and safe firearm handling. 

All are welcome to take this course either male or female in which identify. This continues to build a strong culture of firearm safety and encourages the growth of confidence, training and the firearm culture.

*Group rates of 2 or more available, contact us for additional details!* 

The Three Phase Program

Nothing but the BEST!

1) Online Basics of Pistol Course (Optional)

This online basics of pistol course is a self-paced learning that reviews ALL the firearm safety rules, fundamentals, storage, cleaning...etc. The online learning is an awesome interactive training. Instructors will provide the course code after submitting the registration form & course deposit.   

2) Virtual Instructor Led Classroom

The second phase of the program is the Instructor Led Concealed Carry Classroom. This virtual course is the classroom portion for the concealed carry course. In this class, students will learn New Mexico's concealed carry laws to include where you can and cannot conceal carry. Situations and situational awareness are also topics of discussion.

3) Range Qualification Training

The third and final phase of the program is the range training. Don't have a lot of experience? Do not worry! The entire first half of the range training is focused entirely on fundamentals and basics. In the 101 portion of the range training, students will get plenty of practice and 1:1 coaching from a seated bench rest position until students are confident to begin the range qualification. 

Course Handbooks

You must download a copy of both handbooks

New Mexico Concealed Carry Act

This handbook provides all state firearm laws regarding concealed carry. The last several pages of this handbook provide students with the state application for their concealed carry license. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be provided with the Training Certificate as required by the Concealed Carry Act to acquire a license. 

The Amador Group Course Handbook

Download ad review the Qualifiers and Disqualifiers to ensure you are eligible for the course. In the handbook you will find the classroom and range fees and all course information. This course, at a minimum, meets all required state qualifications. However, this course goes above and beyond to ensure all our students truly build confidence, knowledge and skills with a firearm. 

***All classroom sessions for women's only will be conducted online. Microsoft Teams is the program used for the online instruction. 

Students do have the option to take the online portion during other co-ed hosted virtual course dates and times and still take the range session for women's only.*** (Add comments in the Additional Notes section if you would like this option)


**Please provide your MAILING address and your name as it appears on your Driver License** 

*All Course Dates & Locations below are for All-Women's Concealed Carry Courses*

Do not add 2 people to one form. If you are attending with a group of 2 or more, each person needs a separate registration. You can pay multiple deposits at one time, but registration forms must be separate.