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Welcome to All-Women's Concealed Carry

Courses available throughout New Mexico when scheduled

Concealed Carry Course Prices


Roswell & Carlsbad Area: $150


Group of 2 or more

Roswell & Carlsbad Area: $125 each

$100 each

Military/Veteran/LEO & Spouses

Roswell & Carlsbad Area: $100 each

$100 each

Firearm Rental

Includes: holster, magazines, eye/ear protection

*rental does not include ammunition*


Concealed Carry 101 Course

This 4-Hour introductory course is an awesome way to break the fear and stigma of handling a firearm. In this course we take our time to cover all the basic components and fundamentals of safe firearm handling. This is a great way to prepare for a full Concealed Carry Course.

Firearm Breakdown & Ammunition

We review firearm components, functionality, breakdown for cleaning, types of ammunition and safe storage

Firearm Fundamentals

We review proper grip, stances, aiming, malfunction types and clearing, and reloading

Range Safety

We review range safety rules, range commands and we work our way into shooting 25 rounds to build safety, confidence and knowledge.

Concealed 101 Courses take place every Friday the day before the Concealed Carry Course from 12:00pm - 4:00pm at the shooting range. Information is provided on how to find the location. 

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