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Our company strives to go above and beyond. Our LTC course will, at a minimum, meet the state requirements for LTC. However, we want to teach our students how to shoot and handle a firearm and not just hand over a license for meeting a bare minimum requirement. Protecting yourself isn't just getting a license or a firearm, its also knowing when and how to use it to end a threat. 

We provide our students with the knowledge of identifying and correcting shot placement errors. So when students train on their own, they can identify their shooting inefficiencies and know how to correct them! 

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Concealed 101

This course is an awesome intro to firearms. This basic course provides students plenty of 1:1 instruction for basic pistol fundamentals, function and how to clean a pistol for most common type pistols. The range time is very structured and provides comprehensive range training. Great for younger family members as well! For Texas, this 101 Course can be offered the same day prior to the range training to ensure all students are provided 1:1 coaching on all pistol basics and fundamentals.

Texas LTC

The Texas LTC course will provide students with all the insight they need to understand Texas state laws, how they can be applied as well as adequate range time to learn how to correct shooting inaccuracies. When seconds count, milliseconds matter. Being a more skilled shot will help you in the time of need. Learn the steps of the draw and drawing from holster.

Draw Academy

The Draw Academy is definitely not your first Rodeo. This course takes students to the next level. Students will learn to draw from concealment and open carry, incorporate some movement and shoot timed drills. This course is all range time! Great for younger family members who are not new to firearms!

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Concealed 101

Awesome intro Course


Texas LTC

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The Draw Academy

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