Concealed Carry Registration

Classroom Session Saturday, Range Session Sunday

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Course Prerequisites

You must download and review the Concealed Carry Course Handout and read the Qualifiers & Disqualifiers to ensure you qualify to take the course.

You must download the New Mexico Concealed Carry Handgun Act to ensure you have a copy of the New Mexico laws and applicable forms.

New Mexico Concealed Carry Act Handbook

This handbook is all the state provided details and laws regarding concealed carry. The last several pages are your state application you will need to fill out and ensure you have all needed documents to submit. You will need the Training Certificate from this course upon successful completion of the range qualification. 

The Amador Group Course Handbook

Download and review the Qualifiers and Disqualifiers to ensure you are eligible for the course. In the handbook you will find the Classroom and Range fees and information. This handbook also provides all items needed for the range training. At a minimum this course meets the state requirements for the range, but provides more hands on training to truly build confidence and skill with students of all skill levels.  

Course Prices

Individual + $30 Private Course Fee due to COVID restrictions

$180 ea.

Ammo Package (course fee + ammunition)

If you are unable to find ammunition, we will provide with this package


All Inclusive Package (Course Fee + Ammunition + Firearm & PPE)

This package includes everything you need for this course if you do not have it.


**If an advertised course date is no longer showing, it had reached it's maximum amount**

Fill out Registration Form Below *Only (1) registration per person* Do not add 2 people to one form

Please provide your MAILING address to the registration form and your name as shown on your Driver License

*If you do not have a NM DL you will need proof of residency in NM*

This registration form is for IN-PERSON classroom training

****If the next page does not load to pay the deposit, try to register on a desktop or laptop or you may contact us. (505) 974-8500 or (505) 366-9643