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You will need to download, review and ensure you meet the criteria for the following documents prior to registering for the course.

You must download and review the Concealed Carry Course Handout to ensure you qualify to take the course.

You must download, review and meet the course Device and Program requirements in order to take the online course.

You must download the New Mexico Concealed Carry Handgun Act to ensure you have a copy of the New Mexico laws and applicable forms.

Course Prerequisites

You must download these documents, review and meet the requirements

Device & Program Requirements

This form provides the requirements needed to take the course. The form provides embedded hyperlinks and a walkthrough to getting the needed accounts for the course.

Course Handout

The Course Handout provides Qualifiers & Disqualifiers. You must ensure you meet the requirements in order to be eligible for this course. This handout also provides course overview and summarized information.

New Mexico Concealed Carry Act Handbook

Virtual Classroom & In-Person Range Fee


The price shown is for the virtual classroom & range fee combined + $30 private course fee due to COVID restrictions

$150 ea.

Ammunition Package

this package includes all the above and ammunition

$220 ea.

All Inclusive Package

This package includes all the above, including firearms & PPE

$270 ea.

Course Options

With COVID-19 restrictions, we understand the impact on families with changing work schedules affecting the work / life balance. We are providing (2) sessions to complete the instructor led online course. 

  1. 2 session split  (5 hours each session)
  2. Students can take both sessions online (sessions must be separate days

If students do not meet the above requirements, students will be required to repeat either session they do not meet attendance or participation requirements for. 

*Range Qualification*

In - Person training is now authorized by the state and will take place on Sundays in pre-determined dates and locations. In class Instructors will discuss the range portion. 

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You must provide your information as shown on your Driver License

If the information on your Driver License is incorrect, provide the current accurate information