Home Defense

Family Preparedness & After Action Training

Protect Your Home

This course will review family preparedness, home protection, some firearm basics and more! This course will ensure individuals and their families are better prepared to deal with a situation inside the home.

*Ages 11+ Are Eligible*

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What you can expect in class

The course will review family preparedness and early warning systems.

Understanding what to do during a home intrusion and the after action steps will be vital to ensure your safety.

Understanding the principals of search and clearing the home is important in keeping you safest while protecting yourself and your family. 

Course Options

What works best for you

Home Defense

This is for the Home Defense course only. *Virtual Option Available $50*

$75 per person

Home Defense 101

This includes the additional 1 hour for the Firearm Fundamentals 101 Course *Virtual Option Available $75*

$100 per person

Home Defense +

This includes the Defensive Pistol Training

*Virtual Option for Home Defense Only - Defensive Pistol is In-Person Training*

$175 per person

Contact us with any questions or concerns at: theamadorgroupllc@gmail.com

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