Concealed 101
Basic 4 Hour Course

The BEST do the BASICS better!

Here is what this course offers at a glance...

We demonstrate the breakdown of a pistol. 

  • Firearm rules of safety
  • Pistol components
  • Proper Cleaning & practices
  • Safe storage methods for personal carry, home and/or vehicle. 

We demonstrate and coach the fundamentals. 

  • Firearm rules of safety
  • Bench Rest Position
  • Proper Grip
  • Aiming
  • Trigger Control

We demonstrate and coach range safety. 

  • Firearm rules of safety
  • Range Safety Protocols
  • Range Commands
  • Range Setup 

Course Pricing

First Shot

If you do not own or have never used a firearm, this package is right for you!

Includes: Firearm, Holster, Magazines, Eye & Ear Protection, Ammunition




This package includes:

Firearm, Holster, Magazines, Eye & Ear Protection

*Ammunition not included in this package*



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