Arizona Concealed Carry
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This comprehensive training is designed for individuals who are wanting to become confident with a firearm for the context of self defense. If you have never held or owned a firearm, this course is perfect for you.

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What You Will Need

Download the needed forms

Arizona CCW Application

Each student will need to download and fill out a copy of the Arizona Concealed Carry Application. Upon successful completion of this course, students will submit their completed application along with their training certificate obtained by    The Amador Group LLC. 

The Amador Group Course Handbook

The course handbook will provide you with all the course details as well as definitions of Arizona use of force law and other applicable information required by the state that is also reviewed during the instructor led virtual classroom. 

Course Pricing

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Virtual Classroom (One 5 hour session)

This instructor led classroom portion reviews Arizona State firearm laws


Range Training & Qualification

The range training builds safety, confidence, fundamentals and skill


Total Course Price

Students must take both portions of the course. The first $75 is due upon registration and the remaining balance is paid during the range training. 


Program Events

What this program has to offer

The instructor led virtual classroom is held every other Tuesday from 5:00pm - 10:00pm utilizing Microsoft Teams. Students will be added to the course event upon receipt of the registration form. This classroom portion will review Arizona laws, application process and situational awareness. 

The range training and qualification will ensure a great instructor to student ratio. Each student will build their confidence with a firearm and will leave the course with more knowledge and skill. 

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