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"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training"

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Welcome to The Amador Group 

We provide a variety of firearm trainings to individuals who have a desire to protect themselves, learn about firearms, build their confidence, skills or knowledge with firearms and learn the applicable state laws. 

We have a passion for training and coaching. As you will see in this home page, we have our new Instructor Led Online Classroom that will help you build your knowledge in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to learn more about our instructors, feel free to review Our Team page. 

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Our Amazing Training

Training Never Ends

Concealed 101

This basic / introductory course is a great way to introduce new and reluctant first time firearm students to our culture. Learn the very basic fundamentals, how to safely handle, clean and properly store your firearm. This is also a great course to build you up to the Concealed Carry Course. 

Concealed Carry Course

This Concealed Carry Course is not just a New Mexico State Qualifier, this is a full firearm training that (at a minimum) meets the state requirements for concealed carry. With structured 1:1 coaching, instructors will diagnose shooting errors and provide techniques on how to correct them. We go above and beyond to provide excellence.

The Draw Academy

This course is an awesome continuation of the Concealed Carry Course. 

Prerequisite: Concealed Carry Course Completion

A sneak peek of what you will learn: 

  • Draw from concealment
  • Malfunction clearing drills

  • Timed shooting drills

Instructor Led Classroom

Convenient and Safe

To enroll in this course select the Online Course Registration button at the bottom of this page

"Example of what video conferences look like"
"Example of what video conferences look like"

This instructor Led Concealed Carry Classroom allows students to continue their firearm training and earn their concealed carry license. This online instructor led course is for the Classroom portion only. This is a total 10 hour, 2-session course with 5 hour sessions. 

Students will still be required to take the in-person range qualification within 60 days from the date the state lifts restrictions and in-person training is permitted. 

Instructors will immediately schedule range dates with students when range training can be conducted. 

How The Course Is Provided

Microsoft Teams Free (Join as Guest)
Microsoft Teams Free (Join as Guest)

Microsoft Teams will be the video/screen sharing platform we will be using to conduct the course. Students can "Unmute and Ask" or send questions to the group chat. 

Microsoft Forms
Microsoft Forms

No need to register or download this app. Links will be sent directly to students to participate. Microsoft Forms will be used to provide students:

  • Pre-Course Survey
  • Chapter Knowledge Checks (4)

  • End of Course Survey 

Download Device and Program requirements on the Registration page
Download Device and Program requirements on the Registration page

Be sure you have one of the following:

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet

  • Desktop

  • Laptop

Online Classroom Fee

Instructor Led Online Classroom

This is paid in full after registration form is submitted


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